Name: يوسف سرحان
Section: بروفيسور في الطب الطبيعي والتأهيل
City: عمان
Tel. : 00962 6 562137
Fax : 00962 6 5621308
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Website: www.yusefsarhan.com
Address: مستشفى ابن الهيثم
مبنى العيادات الخارجية-عيادة رقم 214
شارع المدينة المنورة
عمان- الأردن
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At the Clinic, we are proud to provide our patients with prime services; We take pride in our process starting from the very first appointment; opening a patient file, recording all patient medical history, and then we conduct a full medical exam, and finally give out a medical recommendation whether it's a medication prescription or a rehabilitation program provided at the International Center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (ICPMR), our ICPMR is equipped with latest most advanced equipment and operated by highly-skilled therapists under the direct supervision of Dr. Yusef Sarhan. We are committed to maintain patient confidentiality, privacy, respect patient's time, and his/her medical and psychological health.

"There Are Clinics But .. This is The Clinic"

نفتخر في العيادة بإحترام خصوصيه مريضنا، ووقته، ووضعه الصحي والنفسي، حيث يحظى كل مريض بعناية خاصة ومتميزة حيث تبدأ من أول مراجعة و الإجراءات المرافقة من فتح ملف خاص به و أخذ جميع البيانات عن سيرته المرضية، ثم إجراء فحصاً طبياً شاملاً ، وأخيراً وصف العلاج الأمثل لحالته، وإن لزم وضع البرنامج التأهيلي المناسب في المركز الدولي للطب الطبيعي والتأهيل، حيث يحظى بأحدث ماتوصل إليه العلم في التجهيزات الطبية المتطوره وعلى عناية معالجيين مؤهلين تحت الإشراف الطبي المباشر للدكتور يوسف


نحن نؤمن بأن الله وحده هو القادر على إضافة السنين إلى الحياة
وأن قدرة البشر هي في إضافة إشراقة الى الحياة
ونحن نثق بأننا المكان الأفضل لمعالجتك

We believe that God alone is capable of adding years to life
And that human beings are capable of adding quality to life
We are confident that we are the best place to treat you

In today's medical revolution and the era of evidence-based medicine, we have all the good reasons to provide you with excellent medical services that adhere to Medical International Standards and won't stop at the traditional methods.

At the Clinic we work very hard to

provide modern and excellent services. Services like genetic testing to compose the individual genetic profile that helps us determine patient characteristics, and risk factors, which will lead to steps to life style changes and hence to prevention. To achieve this, we coordinate with highly specialized medical labs around the world.

We have proudly introduced "Documentation Based Care (DBC)" to Jordanian health care; DBC is the most successful system used in the treatment of chronic back-pain; such cases have failed to be treated using other methods. Visit our Services Section for More Information here


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